Arm Lift Surgery

Arm lift is an aesthetic surgery, done to eliminate the appearance of the sagging skin and excess fat located under the arms. With advanced age and rapid weight loss tissues may sag. One of the areas this sagging is most apparent is the arms. Skin may become saggy and flabby causing discomfort and because they are upper body extremities might also make the individual look fatter than they actually are. During an arm lift extra tissue and fat is removed from the area creating a more proportional look with the rest of the body


Can Exercise Help Saggy Arms?

Exercise by increasing the muscle mass on the arm area can prohibit sagging, boost blood flow at the area making arms look tighter and more it. But if the sagging is intense exercise may not be sufficient. Even tough arms gain strength and gain muscle sagging skin may remain apparent.


Why Is Arm Lift Surgery Done?

Collagen fibres are what make tissues tense and tight. But with advanced age collagen fibres also weaken resulting in weaker saggy tissues. Intense weigh gain may result in fat accumulation in arm area expanding the skin tissue. When that weight is lost rapidly skin and tissues can not keep up and this results in sagging. Arm lift surgery can be helpful to those that complain about the appearance of their arms and want thinner arms.


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Who Can Get Arm Lift Surgery?

Anybody in good health and is between ages 18-65 can get arm lift surgery. Because arm sagging usually begins in middle ages are commonly preferred by patients over 30. Arm lift surgery can be done on any gender male or female.


How is Arm Lift Surgery Done?

Arm lift surgery can be done under local or general anaesthesia. If patient’s health allows it depending on the treatment plan local anaesthesia can also be chosen. In both cases patients do not feel any pain. During arm lift surgery incisions are done in inner and back part of the arms. If fat accumulation is also present liposuction can also be done. After fat removal arms are shaped skin is tightened and procedure is complete.


How Long Does an Arm Lift Surgery Take?

The length of the surgery depends on the type of anaesthesia used, the amount of sagging and the surgical plan. That is why longitude of the surgery may vary according to patient. Generally speaking, surgery is expected to last 1-3 hours.

Does Arm Lift Surgery Leave Scars?

Like every surgical procedure arm lift surgery also leaves mark. But scars are planned ahead and are located under or inner parts of the arms. The marks are very thin and because it is a hidden area to the stare, they are not easily spottable. As tissues heal scars also dimmish leaving an unnoticeable faded line.

Can Arm Lift Surgery Be Combined with Other Aesthetic Surgeries?

Arm lift surgeries can be combined with breast lift, leg lift or breast reduction surgeries. When seen necessary during arm lift liposuction can also be done. Arm lift surgeries combined with liposuction can provide satisfying and successful results. If patient has high skin elasticity and not a lot of sagging only liposuction can be enough to make arms thinner.


Healing Process After Arm Lift Surgery

After arm lift surgery patients are advised to rest at the hospital for one day. Swelling and bruising on the arms after surgery are expected and normal. 10 days after the surgery stitches are healed and side effects start to lessen. Approximately 1 week after the surgery patients can return to their daily lives and can function alone. The most important part of healing is the regular usage of arm compression garment. The garment must be worn for 7-10 days and can help reduce swelling and tissues form in the desired shape.



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