PRP Treatment

PRP, is a treatment method done by using the healing cells acquired from the patient’s own blood used to renew tissues. PRP a modern-day innovative treatment method, can be used on many fields like skin rejuvenation, hair loss. PRP provides successful results on scars, sun and burn spots, getting rid of thin wrinkles, evening out skin tone, eliminating stretch marks. It is a painless procedure that shows its effects in short time therefore is growing in popularity day by day.

What is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)?

PRP “Platelet Rich Plasma” treatment is a skin rejuvenating and renewing treatment that uses patients own platelet cells. Blood sample by being densified is turned into a rich plasma consisting of platelet cells, thrombocytes, and proteins. This plasma has healing qualities and supports cell growth. After PRP treatment skin becomes tighter, wrinkles and scars diminish. PRP can also help those suffering from hair loss.

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What Are the Effects of PRP Treatment?

The liquid injected while doing PRP treatment is rich in platelet and thrombocytes. This plasma helps scarred tissues mend and tissues heal. Therefore, damaged, or deformed tissues are renewed, rejuvenated, and strengthened. Skin is tightened, melanosis cells are torn down and hair roots are strengthened. Plasma injected In PRP treatment has 5-10 times more thrombocytes than normal blood, boosting healing process in tissues.

How is PRP Treatment Done?

  • A blood sample is taken to prepare the plasma used in PRP treatment. The amount of blood taken depends on the area PRP will be injected in.
  • Blood sample is processed through a centrifuge machine and is densified. This process is done in a lab and is completed in a short time.
  • After blood is centrifuged and turned into a plasma, it is injected to the targeted area.

What is PRP Treatment Done For?

PRP Treatment can be done for many purposes these days. It can help treat some joint problems and post-surgery healing. It can also be used for aesthetic procedures for skin rejuvenation and hair loss treatment. PRP treatment:

  • Can stop hair loss
  • Support new hair growth
  • Strengthen and nurture hair roots
  • Lessen aging effects
  • Eliminate wrinkles and thin lines
  • Mend skin worn down by sun or other harmful external effects
  • Lessen the appearance of scars and spots.

Who Can Get PRP?

PRP treatment because it is done using a person’s own blood cells has exceptionally low possibility of side effect. It is used all over the world safely. But can be risky for those with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart, or other chronic illnesses and for pregnant women. That is why it is mostly preferred for those with good over-all health.

When Does PRP Show Its Effects?

One of the biggest advantages of PRP treatment is the fact that it provides fast results. After sessions are done patients can clearly see the healing effects and ideal results are achieved.

How Many Sessions PRP Treatment Should Be?

To get the most successful results multiple sessions are necessary. The number of sessions depend on the needs of the individual. Generally, 3-8 sessions are done with 2 weeks intervals. For PRP treatment’s rejuvenating effects to continue 1-2 injections yearly may be done. To prevent hair loss PRP sessions can be repeated. To enhance the effects of PRP treatment and to create a strong rejuvenation effects it can be combined with mesotherapy.

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