Cheek Bone Fillers

Cheek bones are important areas on the face that have a huge impact on facial expression and face shape. If this area is sunken or lacks volume it can have an aging effect. Fillers done on cheekbones can help a face look more attractive. Fillers can help a face look more oval and help enhance its beauty by bringing it closer to a V shape. Nowadays thanks to widely used non-surgical aesthetic procedures that are fillers it is possible to make cheek bones ore prominent in a short time with no surgical incisions on one face.


Where Are Cheekbones Located? Why Get Cheekbone Fillers?

Cheekbones are round protuberant bones located at the top of the cheeks. This area being prominent and protuberant can help make a person look more attractive, make makeup look better and have a more elegant face shape. That is why full and voluminous cheekbones are preferred. But on some people cheekbones may be not as prominent or may lose volume due to aging. In both cases cheekbone fillers can help cheekbones look more apparent.


What Substances Are Used In Cheek Fillers?

Nowadays most used fillers are hyaluronic acid fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that can be found on skins own structure that has high moisture holding capacity. Hyaluronic acid can help tissues gain shape and volume at the area its applied therefore is widely preferred by patients and doctors.

Depending on the need or preference of the patient fat grafting can also be done. Fat injection uses patients own fat cells removed from their body with liposuction. After fat is removed the fatty tissue is prepared and made ready for injection and can be applied to targeted area.

How Are Cheekbones Fillers Done?

Cheekbone fillers are non-surgical aesthetic procedures that are done via injection. Making it possible to achieve the desired cheekbone appearance fast. Application can last approximately 20-30 minutes; the filler can be injected to any targeted area on the cheekbones.


Are Cheekbone Fillers Painful?

Fillers usually do not cause unbearable pain or discomfort. But applications done with needles can be intimidating to some patients especially to those with low pain tolerance ay hesitate. For them anaesthetic creams can help the procedure to be completely painless.


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Do Cheekbone Fillers Have Any Side Effects?

Cheekbone fillers have no serious side effects. Both hyaluronic acid and fat cells are compatible with skin, making possibility of allergic reaction exceptionally low. After application, some redness and swelling can be seen due to injection. Both of which that are expected and temporary.


How Long Do Cheekbone Fillers Last?

Cheekbone fillers are effective a long time. Time frame while depending on the facial structure and mimic usage of the patient can last up to 1 year. When the effects of cheekbone fillers are no longer visible, fillers can be repeated.


What Are the Advantages of Cheekbone Fillers?

After filler application patients can return home, work, or social life in the same day. This is one of the biggest advantages of non-surgical aesthetic procedures. Without surgical incisions an attractive look can be achieved without pain or long healing processes. Patients can get fillers done if they want and can lengthen the permanence period.


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