Leg Cosmetic Surgery

Leg plastic surgery can be done to get rid of inequality of thickness or thinness of legs and to achieve a more proportional and shaped look. Leg plastic surgery can use methods such as prosthetics, fillers and liposuction and is frequently preferred by both women and men. Thanks to leg plastic surgery a more proportional look can be achieved between upper and lower parts of leg, problems regarding the thinness or thickness of certain areas can be solved. Leg plastic surgery can also fix commonly faced aesthetic problems such as bowlegs or knock-knees.

Who Can Benefit from Leg Cosmetic Surgery?

Leg plastic surgery is commonly used to fix shape problems that are caused by bad eating habits or genetically transferred anomalies. With leg plastic surgery it is not possible to become taller or fix bent bones. But shape problems caused by being overweight, underweight, or muscular imbalance can be fixed with leg plastic surgery. On patients that request it, muscles can be made more defined, legs can be made to look more shaped and stronger.

Who Can Get Leg Cosmetic Surgery Done?

Leg plastic surgery can be done on anyone over the age of 18 and suitable for the procedure in terms of health. Although commonly preferred by women it is also demanded by men that especially want strong legs that are proportional with their bodies or men with bowlegs or knock-knees.

How is Leg Cosmetic Surgery Done?

Leg plastic surgery can be done in different ways depending on the body type and requests of the patients:

  • Liposhaping can be used to shape legs. A more proportional look can be achieved by doing liposuction on femur, inner knee, and thigh areas. If necessary, the fat removed from troubled areas can be injected to other areas to achieve a more symmetrical and appealing look.
  • On patients that have too thin legs, calf prosthetics can be used to make legs more muscular. Calf area can be reached by making 2 cm incision behind the knee and by placing prosthetics calf area can be made to look more muscular and thicker.
  • Due to rapid weight loss skin on legs can sag, this can be fixed by doing skin tightening on femur area.
  • Fillers can be used to fill unwanted gaps on legs. Asymmetry can be fixed. It is the most ideal for patients that lack fatty tissue in their bodies. Fillers that contain hyaluronic acid can help get long lasting results.
  • Another effective way to get rid of asymmetry problems is endoscopic muscle reduction. On patients that complain about having a too thick thigh area, by entering from the back of the knee calf muscle can be made smaller.
  • Micro neurotomy is a procedure that can be done to stop signals from reaching calf muscle. The precure aims to slenderize the unused muscle to achieve a thinner look. The surgical procedure is done by entering from the back of the knee.

Procedures listed above can be done individually or can be combined to achieve the desired result. What matters is the patients story. Understanding what kind of a leg the patient dreams of having and deciding on which surgical procedure to use that suits the patient’s body type is crucial in achieving the most successful result.

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What is Bowleg & Knock Knee Plastic Surgery? How Is It Done?

Having bowlegs and knock knees are commonly seen on society and can make patients unhappy about their physical appearance. But with modern day methods these problems can be fixed with surgical or non-surgical interventions.

  • Fillers: Fillers are ideal for patients that do not want surgery but want the bowleg or knock knee appearance fixed. Injections can be done that are extracted from the patient’s own fat or that are fillers to fix the asymmetry. These are done to fill the gaps and to make legs proportional, harmonious, and parallel with one another.
  • Prosthetics: Due to its results being permanent prosthesis is a commonly used method. In this method prosthetics chosen to satisfy the patients expectations is placed surgically to patients’ legs.

Healing Process After Leg Cosmetic Surgery

How legs look is greatly valued by women that want to have a more appealing and proportional body. Women that are bothered by the asymmetry or thickness of their legs might avoid wearing tight skirts or pants. This causes the patient to feel under the pressure. After leg plastic surgery the patient makes peace with their own look. And is rid of the aesthetic problem they are facing and is free to wear what they want.

Operation lasts approximately 1-4 hours. The length of the procedure depends on the procedure being done. On procedures that require general anaesthesia patients rest in the hospital for 1 day. After surgery it is crucial to keeps legs on an elevated position. Garments or varicose socks can also be used to help achieve the best result. It might be risky to start exercising right after the surgery therefore you must avoid exercising for as long as your doctor advises you.

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