Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy is a mesotherapy application done to strengthen hair and to prevent hair loss. The aim of the mesotherapy application is to rejuvenate and strengthen tissues by injecting various vitamins, minerals, amino acids under the skin. Hair mesotherapy accelerates blood circulation at the hairy skin, helping hairs look more voluminous, stronger, and denser. Hair mesotherapy can be done after hair transplantation. It supports hair growth during this process and nurtures existing hair follicles.


What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is the injection of a mixture of vitamin and amino acids under the skin. Mesotherapy usually contains A, B and C vitamins and nurturing amino acids. Its contents can be rearranged depending on the patient’s needs and prepared in accordance to existing skin problems and patient’s needs. Mesotherapy is also commonly used for patients with hair loss problems and its treatment. Mesotherapy can provide successful results for patients with male type baldness.

What is Hair Mesotherapy? What Is It Done For?

Mesotherapy done on hairy skin is known as, hair mesotherapy. Hair roots can weaken with advanced aging and other external effects. Weak hair roots can cause hair loss. Hair can look lifeless, matte, and dim. Hair mesotherapy can help fix all these problems. Helping achieve groomed, voluminous, and healthy hair. Hair mesotherapy does not contain any harmful ingredients and is a perfectly safe procedure.

How is Hair Mesotherapy Done?

Hair mesotherapy is done with very thin special needs. In this method called micro injection a mixture of vitamins, amino acids an oligo-elements are injected into the skin (middle layer of the skin). Hair roots are stimulated and strengthened with this nurturing mixture.

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Who Can Get Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy can provide successful results for patients with male type baldness. At the same time can be applied to anybody suffering from hair loss. It can be beneficial to patients that has undergone hair transplantation. It is highly effective against hair loss or low hair quality that occurred during pregnancy and childbirth. Hair mesotherapy can help anybody that wants voluminous and healthy hair.

Is Hair Mesotherapy Harmful? What Are The Side Effects?

Hair mesotherapy is done in small dosage injections. Because the injected mixture is given locally its side effects are close to none. It is a process applied all over the world safely and effectively. Like all aesthetic applications, hair mesotherapy also must be applied by an expert doctor. At the right dosage and application hair mesotherapy can provide satisfying results with little to no side effects.

How Many Sessions Should Hair Mesotherapy Be?

To get the most effective results hair mesotherapy should be done in multiple sessions. Session frequency and number depends on the needs of the patient. Usually, application is done once a week. But if the patient has a lot of hair loss sessions can be done twice a week. Patients that are getting hair mesotherapy done for the first time must get 10 sessions of treatment. After first application for women 3-4 times a year, for men once every 2 months is sufficient to prevent hair loss.

How Long Should Hair Mesotherapy Sessions Last? When Can You See Its Effects?

Every session is complete in 5-10 minutes. Hair mesotherapy application provides results in short term. After 7 sessions hair becomes more full, shiny, and lively. When done regularly can prevent hair loss and can provide permanent results.

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