Eyelid and Periorbital Aesthetic Surgery

Eye area aesthetics are aesthetic surgeries done to fix aesthetic flaw of upper and lower eyelids, to give the eyes attractive almond shape, to create a more lifted and youthful eye area appearance. A hooded eyelid, saggy lower eyelid and droopy eyelids can negatively influence physical appearance making the individual look older than they actually are. Eye area aesthetic can help fix the deformation of eyelids making eyes look more lifted and attention grabbing.


What Is Eyelid Aesthetic Surgery (Blepharoplasty)?

Eyelid aesthetic surgery is one of the most frequently preferred plastic surgeries in the present day. With advanced age eyelid may appear saggy, fattier and can look baggier. Especially people with lower eyelids may suffer from even more advanced sagging. Creating a sad and tired appearance. This may even interfere with eyesight. Blepharoplasty can help fix lower upper eyelids and saggy lower eyelids giving the patient more vibrant and lively looks.


Who Can Blepharoplasty?

Anybody that has complaints of low and saggy eyelids and is over 18 can get blepharoplasty patients with glaucoma, high blood pressure, eye dryness and thyroid problems operation may carry some risks. In these cases, correct evaluation of the patient’s medical history is crucial in giving approval to operation.


How is Blepharoplasty Done?

Eyelid surgery can be done in various methods chosen depending on the eye structure and muscle strength of the patient. If patient has weak eyelids “frontal hanging method” can be used. Patients that had blepharoplasty before but did not get satisfying results can also benefit from this technique.

On applications on lower eyelid sagging and aging of cheeks must be evaluated. If patients skin structure allows it cheek tissue can be endoscopically. If after this lower eyelid area lacks fullness, fat packages can be spread under eyes. Or other approaches can be preferred depending on the need or expectations of the patient.

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Almond Shaped Eyes (Fox Eye Aesthetic)

Almond shaped, upwards, and slightly slanted eyes make eyes look more defined. This can help makeup look better and make women look more attractive and alluring. Fox eye aesthetic by lifting the outer lines of the eyes upward can help create the perfect shape. Procedure can be done surgically or using threads.


Who Can Get Almond Eye Surgery?

Almon eye surgery can be done on anyone with down looking eyes or are not happy with their eye shape. At this point the evaluation of eye shape and general health is essential. After a quick evaluation by your doctor, you can see if you are fit to get the surgery.


What Are the Side Effects of Eye Area Aesthetics?

Eye area aesthetics are perfectly safe procedures when done by an experienced doctor. After surgery like any other surgery some swelling or bruising/redness may occur. These are temporary side effects. After surgery patients are advised to avoid exercise for 6 weeks. The incisions done after eye area surgery will remain on eyelids but will diminish and fade away becoming unnoticeable over time.


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