Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Rhinoplasty; is one of the highest demanded aesthetic surgeries. The nose is located at the centre of the face, so it has the most effect when it comes to our physical appearance. A nasal hump, a droopy tip or deviation on the nose can negatively affect facial expression. This can also block breathing and lower life quality. Thanks to nose aesthetic surgery both breathing issues and aesthetic flaws can be fixed. With modern surgical methods like “preservation rhinoplasty (let down/push down)” a natural looking nose look can be achieved.


What Is Nose Plastic Surgery (Rhinoplasty) Done For?

Nose aesthetic surgery known in medical language as “rhinoplasty” can fix nose shape issues permanently. Aesthetic problems like droopy nose tip, too large or too small nose, nasal humps, septum deviations can be fixed with rhinoplasty. A large part of the nose surgeries done nowadays are done for health concerns. Aesthetic flaws like septum deviations, can negatively influence breathing. Can cause disturbances during sleep and complaints of snoring. After rhinoplasty patients like their appearance and facial expression more when they look at the mirror and can get also get rid of issues that lower their life quality like breathing problems.


Who Can Get Rhinoplasty?

Bone and cartilage developments continues until the age of 18. To get the expected results from rhinoplasty patients’ bodies must have completed their development processes. Girls complete their bone development sooner so can get rhinoplasty at 17 while boys can get it at 18. Regardless of gender, male or female anybody that has good general health can get rhinoplasty. Surgery can be risky during pregnancy and breast-feeding period. Pregnant patients that are unhappy with their nose shape can get rhinoplasty after their pregnancy.


How is Rhinoplasty Done?

Different methods may be used at rhinoplasty surgeries depending on the need and nose structure of the patient. Rhinoplasty can be done as open or closed surgery. At open rhinoplasty, an incision is made between nostrils and nose skin is lifted. At closed rhinoplasty surgery the surgical intervention is completed by doing incisions inside the nose. Dr Turkmen generally does close technique rhinoplasty surgeries. With rhinoplasty;

  • Nasal hump can be fixed
  • Deviations can be corrected
  • Nose shape can be changed
  • Nose tip can be made smaller
  • Nose tip can be lifted
  • Nostrils can be tightened and excess skin can be removed
  • The angle between nose and lips can be corrected

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What is Let Down Technique Rhinoplasty?

Let down technique is a surgery method that provides more natural results and is done without filing the nose. How natural a nose looks post operation is the leading concern and requires the most attention when it comes to rhinoplasty surgeries. A nose shape that is fake and obviously surgically altered can both disrupt the natural face expression and may not fit in with the face shape. Almost all patients that have undergone rhinoplasty want a nose shape that is natural and does not negatively influence the character of the face. Thanks to let down technique nose shape can appear natural even in pictures. Because its done without filing the nose bridge it protects the natural anatomy of the cartilages.

The rough and textured feeling that might occur after classic rhinoplasty surgeries do not exist in let down method rhinoplasty surgeries. Allowing patients to have a more comfortable recovery and more aesthetically pleasing results.

How Long Does a Rhinoplasty Surgery Take?

The longitude of the surgery may change depending on the surgical intervention being done but rhinoplasty surgeries are generally expected to last for 2-2,5 hours.


Is Recovery Difficult After Rhinoplasty Surgeries?

Rhinoplasty surgeries are done under general anaesthesia. Patients stay at the hospital for one night after surgery but on some occasions, they can be discharged in the same day and go back to their houses or hotels. After surgery, rarely, some bruising and swelling may occur that is apparent under the eye area. These are temporary side effects and can be diminished by applying cold. Method used while doing a rhinoplasty and skin structure of each patient is different therefore healing is also different for every patient. If it is a closed rhinoplasty surgery recovery period is shorter. Generally speaking, bruising and swelling start to diminish in 2 weeks and patients can resume their daily lives. Although it depends on the thickness of the skin, the nose as result of the rhinoplasty is expected to settle and have its final form after 6 months- 1.5 year.


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