Chin Aesthetics

Chin aesthetics is an aesthetic procedure that aims to eliminate aesthetic problems of chin size and shape making chin structure compatible with face. On chin aesthetics different applications can be chosen depending on the need of the patient. For patients with small and indistinct chins compared to their faces, chin implants can provide appealing results. Patients with undefined jawline, that have the appearance of an integrated neck skin and chin look can benefit from jawline fillers. Depending on the expectations of the patient method to be applied is decided upon. Chin aesthetics help define the chin area This makes the patients face have a deeper sharp look making the patient look slimmer.



Why is Chin Aesthetic Done?

Chin area is one of the most important areas when it comes to defining face shape and facial expression. People with less defined chin line look more overweight than others. The saggy appearance known as jowl can be seen. Chin being smaller compared to face structure also may result in a unproportionally appearance. Although these complaints do not affect one’s general health it can have bad effects on mental health because it is not aesthetically pleasing.


What is a Chin Implant? Why Is It Done?

Chin implants are surgical procedures done on patients that have chins that look weak compared to their facial structure. Chin implants can help chin look more defined and proportional. In the surgery special silicone made from silicon materials are used. The surgery provides permanent results. Therefore, is widely preferred when it comes to chin aesthetics. After chin prosthetics jowl look caused by the small chin is also fixed.


Who Are Suitable for Chin Implants?

Chin implants are used to enhance the weak chin structure and are ideal for patients that complain about having an unproportionally nose, chin, and face. Chin implants can be done on patient that have small and prominent chin. When you look at the mirror if the tip of your nose surpasses you chin you may have a small chin. This means you are the perfect candidate for chin implants.


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How is Chin Prosthetic Surgery Done?

Chin prosthetic is placed on the tip of the chin on the chin bone. During surgery golden ratio is taken into consideration to have the perfect chin look that suits you face the best. Chin prosthesis is placed surgically. Because it is done under anaesthesia patients do not feel any pain. Prosthetic size and shape are chosen depending on patient’s needs. During surgery incision can be done under chin bone or inside of the mouth. Surgery can be done in 45-60 minutes.


What to be Careful About After Chin Prosthetic Surgery? How is the Recovery Period?

After chin aesthetic surgery our patients are usually discharged in the same day. The surgery does not have any big risk or side effects. Numb or tingling sensation can be felt on the lips on chin for some time, the area can be swollen or red. All these side effects are temporary. These complaints may last for about a week and after that patient can return to Daily life with no problems.


What Are Jawline and Chin Fillers?

Jawline filler is a non-surgical aesthetic method used to give chin a more prominent and characteristic look. Because it does not require surgical incisions can be completed in a short time. This is one of the biggest advantages of using fillers. The purpose of jawline fillers is making jawline more defined therefore eliminating the unified chin neck look. Thanks to the injection done on chin area it is possible to achieve sharper and more appealing look with just one application. Chin fillers can also help eliminate problems like gaps or disproportionality on chin.


Why are Chin Fillers Done For?

  • Pointy or flat chin tip
  • Undefined chin line
  • Saggy or disproportional chin area
  • Chin tip being too wide for face type.
  • Recessed and small chin


How is Chin Filler Done? Which Substance Are Used in Chin Fillers?

Chin fillers are procedures done via injection. Allowing our patients to return home, work, or social life in the same day. This makes chin fillers more advantageous compared to surgical methods. On chin filler applications different type of fillers can be preferred depending on the individual’s needs. In today’s filler applications hyaluronic acid is commonly used. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that can be found in skins own structure. It can help skin look more voluminous moist and smooth.

Depending on the patients chin structure and expectations chin fillers can be made using fat cells. These fat cells are subtracted from the patient’s own body via liposuction. And later can be injected to desired areas on patient’s chin. Chin aesthetic done with fat injections have a longer effect. Approximately 6 months after procedures permanent results can be seen on the area.

What Are the Side Effects of Chin Fillers? Can Chin Fillers Be Harmful?

Both hyaluronic acid and fat cells are highly compatible with tissues and have low chance of causing side effects. Meaning usually unexpected and serious side effects are not experienced by the patients. Swelling and redness due to injections can be seen on the skin. But these side effects are temporary and disappear on their own in 1 week. The appealing and aesthetic look on chin area can help a person feel good both physically and psychologically.


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