Neurotoxin Applications

Neurotoxin applications are done to prevent and eliminate thin lines and wrinkles that happen with advancing age and use of mimics, making skin look smoother and younger. Application done with toxin acquired from bacterium called clostridium botulinum permanently stops muscles from over working. Neurotoxin applications can be done on many areas on face including eye corners, lip corners, and between eyebrows. The procedure provides successful results and when done frequently increases permanency.


Why Are Neurotoxin Applications Done?

When we use mimics our face muscles contract and shorten. These movements of muscles cause lines to form on our face. With advanced age skin also grows old and loses elasticity. Lines and wrinkles formed can make you look older and more tired than you are. Neurotoxin applications by preventing these lines can help you look livelier and younger. Botulinum toxin used in neurotoxin applications prevent muscles from over contacting therefore delaying forming of the wrinkles and delays aging of the skin.


Who Can Get Neurotoxin Applications Done?

Neurotoxin applications can help eliminate existing wrinkles and smoothen, tightened skin making it appear lively. Can be done on eye area, forehead and between eyebrows that are the most effected by mimics. Therefore, preventing skin being worn down by mimic usage. Neurotoxin applications can be done on anyone between ages 18-65, that is healthy. Nowadays both men and women regardless of gender benefit from botulinum toxin applications to look younger and more attractive. But injection may be risky during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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How Are Neurotoxin Applications Done?

Neurotoxin applications are done via injections. Depending on the needs of the patient botulinum toxin is applied to the targeted area, under the skin. Process is done in the clinic shortly and during injection no pain is felt. But if the patient is concerned about or is sensitive to pain local anaesthesia creams can be used, numbing the are and allowing comfortable application and no pain being felt by the patient.


What Are Neurotoxin Applications Done For?

Neurotoxin applications are most used for aesthetic applications but can help with issues like migraines and over sweating. With neurotoxin applications:

  • Lines formed at forehead and between brows caused by frowning can be eliminated, preventing a permanently angry looking face.
  • Wrinkles at the corners of the eyes known as crow’s feet can be eliminated.
  • Lines at the corners of the eyes and around nose can be eliminated.
  • Nose tip can be lifted.
  • Wrinkles on the nose can be eliminated.
  • Wrinkles on the neck area can be lessened.
  • Migraines or over sweating can be cured.
  • Bruxism can be lessened.

How Long Do Neurotoxin Applications Last? Are Neurotoxin Applications Permanent?

Neurotoxin applications can help you get a young healthy skin with no pain or discomfort non-surgically. Its effect depends on the area it has been applied on, mimic usage and skin structure of the patient. It is expected to last 4-6 months. When done regularly because it weakens the muscles at the area, prolonging the permanency.

What Are The Side Effects of Neurotoxin Applications?

Botulinum toxin is a substance accepted all over the world and is highly compatible with skin. When done under correct circumstances it is a very safe application. Injections must be done under sterile conditions and by an expert doctor. Deciding on the dosage patient will need is also particularly important. After neurotoxin is injected, the area may appear red and slightly swollen. But these effects are normal and expected. Side effects go away on their own in a few days and the benefits of the application can be seen after 5-7 days.


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