What is Centaury Oil?

St. John's Wort oil is a useful herbal product in cosmetic surgery, especially in incision operations (abdominal stretching, breast reduction, breast lift, face lift etc.) it is a useful herbal product for lightening the color of dark scars that may occur during the recovery period and after the surgery and bringing them closer to the skin tone.

Postoperative Use

For example, after tummy tuck surgery, it provides great benefits in the repair (depigmentation) of the scars that occur in the areas where the incision is made in the abdomen. In addition, it is known that it provides great benefits in reducing or obscuring the color differences (discoloration / pigmentation) that occur on the skin when the healing is completed after the burns in the body.

Other Benefits of Centaury Oil

Centaury oil is one of the valuable plant species that are frequently the subject of scientific research in the fields of herbal therapy and alternative medicine, and many of its positive effects on health are accepted by the scientific world. Centaury oil, which has important benefits such as protection from diseases, delaying aging and maintaining body functions in a healthy way, can be easily found even in herbalists today. However, like every herbal product, centaury oil is a product that should be used carefully.

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