Fat Injections

Fat injections also known as “lipoinjections” are aesthetic applications done to help skin gain volume and eliminate aesthetic flaws. Fat cells removed from places on the body fat tends to accumulate is injected to targeted areas. Fat cells that are injected hold on to the tissues and can provide long term effects. That is why fat injections are one of the most frequently preferred aesthetic applications. Fat injection can be done on various areas on both face and body.



What Is A Fat Injection?

Fat injection is the removal of fat and its transfer to desired areas that need aesthetic corrections. To remove the fat from patient’s body liposuction method is used. Removed fat is then processed (centrifuge, washing etc.) and is made ready for injection. The fat is injected to targeted areas using thin cannulas. Fat injection can be used for many purposes like fixing shape problems on legs, fixing nose shape, accentuating cheek bones and chin.



Why Get Fat Injection?

With passing time the fat ratio in our skin diminishes, tissues lose elasticity, some parts of our skin might experience depressions, deformations. To regain volume and liveliness in these areas fat injections can help. Fat injections:

  • Can be used to enlarge butt or breasts
  • Can help create a proportional look at leg and calve area.
  • Can rejuvenate skin and reduce flaws.
  • Can make skin look more full and fresh.
  • Starting from hands and legs can fix crookedness or disproportionality of extremities.


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Who Can Get Fat Injection?

Nowadays fat injection can be done on anyone over the age of 18 regardless of gender. Because of its rejuvenating and beautifying effects, fat injections done on face are mostly preferred by women. But also, can be done on male patients that are not pleased with how they look. If patient is healthy and is suitable for surgery fat injection can be done on many points around the body and can provide successful results



How Is Fat Injection Done?

Fat is removed from the body using liposuction. Fat injections may also be combined with other surgeries. During liposuction, the area is numbed with local anaesthesia. If a lot of fat is going to be removed general anaesthesia can also be used. Fat is then aspirated from the area with the help of special vacuuming cannulas and is injected to the targeted area. Although it may vary depending on the area it will applied on procedure is usually done 30 minutes.



Fat Injection Aftercare

Due to injections area can be swollen and bruised. Many patients worry about the results of the procedure due to edema but when edema is gone the area reaches its ideal look. Skin gains volume and aesthetic flaws are eliminated. How fast swelling goes down depends on the individual. When application is done on a large area healing process may be longer. Generally, edema is expected to diminish in 1-2 weeks revealing the attractive, beautiful look.




Is Fat Injection Permanent?

Fat injection is more permanent than other filler applications. 1 month after the applications ideal results can be seen. For permanent result patients must wait for 6 months. During this process some of the injected fat is lost and some permanently hold on to the area.





Is Fat Injection Safe?

Fat injection uses the patients own fat tissue therefore has almost no risks of causing an allergic reaction. Thanks to modern day method side effects of fat injections have lessened, making application safer therefore allowing long lasting and satisfying results.






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