Otoplasty (Cosmetic Ear Surgery)

Ear surgery can help fix shape deformations of the ears also known as “protruding ears”. Protruding ears commonly known as “ears that stick out” do not pose a threat health wise but can badly effect and individual psychologically. Because it is a congenital condition it can lower school age children’s confidence. They can also cause confidence issues to adults in work or social life. Thanks to ear aesthetic surgery problems caused by protruding ears can be fixed. Ear aesthetic surgery has low possibility of complications and is a simple procedure that can fix cosmetic issues patients have.

What are Protruding Ears?

This condition can be seen on one or both ears. Generally, is seen on both ears and is a congenital condition. People with protruding ears have ears that stick out more than normal. When looked a can easily draw attention. Women with protruding ears may prefer having longer hair so they can cover their ears but for men it is harder to conceal them. That is why men with protruding ears may have aesthetic concerns regarding their ear shape.

Why Does Protruding Ears Happen?

The reason why protruding ears happen is not precisely known. It is a congenital condition and is transferred through generations by genetics. If parents have protruding ears their kids also have a high chance of developing the same condition.

  • Big angle between the back bone of the ear and the external ear
  • Ear cartilage being naturally loose.
  • Curvatures at the upper part of the ear not forming or having a flat external ear can cause protruding ears.

What Problems Can Protruding Ears May Cause?

Protruding ears have no negative effect on physical health. But they can cause aesthetic concerns. Because it is a congenital condition can lead to bullying in childhood ages. Being picked by other kids can traumatize a child, leading to problems in adult life. It can cause an individual to not like their appearance and believe they look abnormal. Treating protruding ear problem at a young age can be beneficial in the long term regarding the psychological health of the individual.

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When Can Ear Aesthetic Surgery Be Done?

Ear aesthetic surgery can be done on any period adulthood or childhood. On children the recommended age is 4-5. Fixing the problem before school age can help a child focus on school success and socialize easier.

How is Ear Aesthetic Surgery Done?

Ear aesthetic surgery is a simple procedure with low risks. In sterile hospital conditions it can be done under local or general anaesthesia. Depending on the ear shape can be done from the back or front of the ears. During surgery cartilage is given the desired shaped and ear is placed further back.

Healing After Ear Aesthetic Surgery?

After ear aesthetic surgery it is important to protect ears against impacts. Special tapes can be used to help with that, stabilising ears to the back, this also can further help to get the desired shape. Patients can shower a few days after the surgery. Complete recovery may last for 1-2 weeks. After this period, the protruding ears problem is completely fixed. The results of the surgery are permanent.

Does Ear Aesthetic Surgery Leave Marks?

Like any other surgical procedure ear aesthetic surgery can also leave scars. But these scars are located behind the ear so from the outsider’s perspective are invisible. After ear aesthetic surgery it is important to protect ears against impacts. When done by an experienced surgeon ear aesthetic surgery can provide successful problem free results.

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