Thigh Lift

Thigh Lift commonly known as upper leg lift, is a procedure done to get rid of excess fat accumulation on legs making the area appear thinner and more fit. Thigh area is an area where fat tends to accumulate, this may results in sagging. Especially after periods like pregnancy, because of rapid weight gain and weight loss the skin at the thigh area may sag. Sagging alters both the physical appearance and by causing friction at the area can negatively influence day to day life. Thanks to tight lift surgeries the excess skin and fat can be removed from the area. Making legs look thinner and more proportional.


What Is a Thigh Lift? What Is It Done For?

Thigh area, the area located at the upper leg is an area that fat tends to accumulate more. Therefore sagging may occur at the area after rapid weight gain or weight loss. Sagging may also be effected by advancing age. With age tissues lose their elasticity, sagging easier and getting deformed. To eliminate these complaints and to achieve a more proportional leg body appearance thigh lift surgery can be helpful. Because it is a surgical procedure the effects of the tigh lift surgery can be apperant for a long time.


Who Can Get Thigh Lift Surgery?

The most appropriate candidates for thigh lift surgery are those in their ideal weight. The goal of thigh lift procedure is not to achieve weight loss at the lower body area therefore should not be considered as a weight loss method. When done on individuals that are at their ideal weight it can help get rid of excess fat and make them appear more fit. Anybody over 18, healthy and is suitable for surgical intervention can get tigh lift surgery.


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How Is Thigh Lift Surgery Done?

Thigh Lift surgery is done under general anesthesia. Patients do not feel any pain or discomfort during procedure. Surgery is done as a open surgery under sterile surgical conditions. A wide incision reaching from thigh and genital area curve to the back from this incision fat and excess skin is removed. If patient has a lot of fat liposuction can also be used. Thigh lifts that are done with liposuction can provide highly aesthetic results. After all the procedures are done skin is tightened and reshaped by incisions and the procedure is done.


Does Thigh Lift Surgery Leave A Scar?

During thigh lift surgery a large incision is made at the area therefore the marks of the incision remain. But this incision is made in the inner leg area. Immediately after surgery scar is apperant but over time it becomes invisible fading away and blending in with the skin.


How Long Does Thigh Lift Surgery Take?

The length of the operation depends on the amount of sagging and fat so it is different for every patient. On some patients surgery is combined with a liposuction. Although the length of the surgery varies it can be expected to last around 2 hours.

Thigh Lift Surgery After Care

The most important thing after thigh lift surgery is an efficient healing period. You should not apply force or put weight on your thigh area because tension may result in your stitches being harmed. This can lead to bleeding and infection. You must rest in the correct position after surgery until your stitches are completely healed.

After surgery some patients may be advised to rest at the hospital for a few days. Pain is kept under control with pain medications. Bruising and swelling disappears over time. After complete recovery the results of the surgery can be seen at the upper leg area. Upper leg area becomes thinner and fitter. To keep the results of the surgery patients should reregulate their life styles. To not to gain weight it is important to eat healthy and do light exercises. All this can help you keep the results you gained through surgery and have shaped attractive legs.

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