Face Lift

Face lift is a highly popular non-surgical aesthetic procedure. With age tissues can sag and lose the elasticity. This may cause cheeks to sag, eyebrows, and eyes to look sunken. Thanks to face lift all tissues on the face areas can lifted. Cheeks can gain volume, chin line can become more prominent, the dent reaching from nose to lips can be enhanced. Face lift is done with special surgical threads therefore is safe and does not have side effects. Procedure is done in a short time and patient can resume daily life in the same day of the procedure. Face lift can provide fast effective results in one session.


What is Face Thread Lift?

Face thread lift is an aesthetic procedure done using Polydioxanone (PDO) threads or silicone-based threads that can help lift facial tissues. Threads used in procedure are special threads that are compatible to skin making them safe and easily applied. Face thread lift can help fix the saggy appearance of cheek, eyebrow and chin area resulting in a youthful lively look.

Which Problems Does Face Thread Lift Fix?

Face thread lift lifts all tissues eyebrows, forehead, chin, and cheeks being in the first place. Can completely rejuvenate and tighten face. Thanks to face lift:

  • Cheek area can regain volume.
  • Jawline can be lifted resulting in a younger tighter facial structure.
  • Lifted eyebrows can help create a sharper glance.
  • Saggy skin under jawline can be fixed.
  • The lines reaching from nose to lips also known as nasolabial dent can be diminished.

How Is Face Lift Done?

Face lift can be done nonsurgical meaning without surgical incisions and is extremely comfortable for patients. Application is done under local anaesthesia. Areas to be lifted are decided depending on the needs of the patients. After marking the areas, special threads are placed under the skin, using the threads tissues are lifted diminishing the saggy appearance.

How Long Does the Face Lift Take?

Face thread lift procedure can take longer or shorter depending on the individual. Application is usually done in 2-4 hours. Patients can return home, work, or social life immediately after procedure.


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What Type of Thread Are Used in Face Thread Lift?

Threads used in face thread lift are special thread that are used in surgical procedures and therefore are compatible with skin tissue and do not cause unwanted side effects. Depending on the degree of sagging and patients’ expectations silicone or Polydioxanone (PDO) threads can be used.


What Are the Side Effects of Thread face Lift? Can They Be Harmful?

Face lift is a safe aesthetic procedure done all around the World. It has little to no side effects. When done by an experienced doctor can give remarkably successful results and will cause no serious side effects. Because needles are used to place threads under the skin the area can appear red. On patients with sensitive skin bruising and swelling can occur. All side effects pass after a few days.


What Do Be Careful About After Face Lift?

After face lift.

  • To help ease the pain painkillers prescribed by the doctor can be used.
  • Patients should not lay face down for 3 days.
  • You should not rub or apply too much pressure to skin 1 week after the application.
  • Patients should avoid heavy exercise for 1 week.
  • Patients should avoid using sauna or dense steam for week.
  • It is crucial to avoid sunlight.


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