Jawline Fillers

Jawline fillers also known as chin fillers are filler applications done to make chin line look sharper and more prominent. The line dividing the chin and neck being apparent is seen as aesthetically appealing in both women and men. Chin line being not prominent may result in an aged look. Thanks to jawline fillers it is possible to make chin line sharp and give the face a more youthful appearance. Jawline fillers, a widely preferred non-surgical aesthetic procedure can be done in a short time and can help you achieve your dream face without surgery.



What Are Jawline Fillers?

Chin is one of the most effective areas when it comes to determining facial expression. An aesthetic face is expected to be V shaped, long, and thin. Jawline being weak or a round face may mean an old and tired facial expression. Jawline fillers by shaping the chin line can have a huge impact on facial expression. Bringing out a sharper, clear, and attractive chin line.


Why and When are Jawline Fillers Done?

A person’s age, weight or features can influence their chin shape. Some may have prominent jawline by birth while others have a rounder jawline. If this situation causes unhappiness to an individual jawline filler can help. Jawline fillers can be applied in the situations listed below:

  • Lack of volume on chin
  • Chin being too small or recessed.
  • Undefined jawline, neck chin area having an overweight look.
  • Asymmetric chin
  • Saggy jawline

Who Can Get Jawline Fillers?

Jawline filler are highly popular amongst both male and female patients. Anybody over the age of 18 and is suitable for getting fillers health wise can get jawline fillers.



Which Substances Are Used in Jawline Fillers?

Nowadays most used fillers are hyaluronic acid fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that can be found on skins own structure that has high moisture holding capacity. Hyaluronic acid can help tissues gain shape and volume at the area its applied creating a smooth and voluminous look. Hyaluronic acid is highly compatible with skin making its possibility to cause an allergic reaction exceptionally low. Allowing doctors achieve a natural look safely.

Depending on the need or preference of the patient fat grafting can also be done. Fat injection uses patients own fat cells removed from their body with liposuction. After fat is removed the fatty tissue is prepared and made ready for injection and can be applied to targeted area.


How Are Jawline Fillers Done?

Jawline fillers like other fillers are done via injection and usually do not cause pain or discomfort. But applications done with needles can be intimidating to some patients especially to those with low pain tolerance may hesitate. For them anaesthetic creams can help the procedure to be completely painless.



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Are Jawline Fillers Permanent?

Jawline fillers usually last for about 1 year. This may depend on the filler used, patients skin type and usage of mimics.



Are Jawline Fillers Safe?

Fillers are used widely all around the world for aesthetic procedures that help doctors get successful results fast. Hyaluronic acid and fat fillers are both compatible with body. But it is crucial for the application to be done by an expert doctor. Doctors that have specialised in their fields can help determine the amount of filler you need and can apply them correctly.



Advantages of Jawline Fillers

Biggest advantage of jawline fillers is its ability to make jawline look more aesthetic and attractive without a surgical intervention. It is perfect for individuals that do not have the time for the healing process a surgery requires. Jawline fillers are not permanent, this allows touch-ups, constant renewability. Jawline fillers can help you get the face shape you want fast and painlessly.




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