Neck Lift

Neck lift: is an aesthetical procedure done to fix up the tissues under the chin and to diminish the saggy appearance. Neck lift can be done surgically and non-surgically. With surgical method skin at the troubled area is tightened in an upward direction. Non-surgical lift is done using focused ultrasound. Focused ultrasound heats the tissue boosting the collagen production and making tissues rebuild and rejuvenate. You can find the answers to your further questions about neck lift in our article.

Why is Neck Lift Done?

Neck area is where aging is the most apparent. With passing time and external factors that attrite the skin tissues weaken. This causes skin to sag and look deformed over time. Sagging at the neck area makes the individual look old and tired. A saggy neck embowers the chin line and creates the look called “turkey wattle”. Those who want to challenge the passing time and want to look more youthful and well-groomed can achieve a more aesthetic and pleasing look with a neck lift.

What is Neck Lift Surgery? Who Can Get Neck Lift Surgery?

Neck lift surgery is one of the most successful ways to stop sagging of the neck area. With surgical intervention skin is lifted in an upward motion, fatty area is eradicated with liposuction. Neck lift surgery can be done on anybody that is suitable general health wise. While depending on the patient surgery is usually expected to last around 2 hours.

Healing Process of Neck Lift Surgery?

Thanks to modern day methods neck lift can be done non surgically. Non-surgical method is most preferred by those that want to avoid the long healing process due to busy work schedules or personal reasons. Non-surgical neck lift is done using focused ultrasound. Can also be applied to face and decolletage area. When done in combination with these areas can provide more satisfying results.

How is Focused Ultrasound Done?

Focused ultrasound creates certain hot spots under skin. These heated tissues boost the collagen production. Collage has a big role in making our skin tight and flexible. With time our collagen production lessens causing our skins to sag. The heat makes collagen bounds active this pushes tissues to repair and strengthen themselves. At first application tissues start to grow stronger tighten over time and make the neck area look more collected and youthful.

When Does Focused Ultrasound Show Effect?

Focused ultrasound can Show effect after one session. So, its effects are noticeable even after the first session. After approximately 3 months tightening effect becomes visible.

How Long Does Non-Surgical Neck Lift Last?

Focused ultrasound sessions are done around 30-45 minutes. After application patient can return to Daily life immediately and is able to return work or social life. This is one of the biggest advantages of non-surgical neck lift. During procedure little to no pai is felt and results are quickly achieved.

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