Liposuction is a procedure done to eliminate regional stubborn fat accumulation that can help patients look thinner and more fit. Regional fat accumulation is fat accumulated on areas like waist, stomach, thighs, and legs. Even when you are in your ideal weight this can lead to looking overweight. Liposuction can help patients that have regional fat accumulation. During liposuction, these fat deposits are aspirated from the region using cannulas. Thanks to modern day technology laser and ultrasound devices can also be used during this process allowing fat to be taken to pieces and be aspirated faster and more comfortably. In this article you may find the answers to your questions about laser liposuction, vaser liposuction, and high-definition liposuction.


What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is the removal of regionally deposited fat that does not go away with exercise or diet. Modern day work conditions, immobile living and bad eating habits can lead to regional fat accumulation. It can be seen on not only people that are over weight but also on people that are on their ideal weight. Losing fat in these areas may be more difficult than others. Liposuction can help eliminate this problem by removal of the excess fat. Liposuction surgery is not a weight loss surgery. The basic purpose of liposuction is to make the not proportional body shape caused by regional fat accumulation look more aesthetic.


Who Can Get Liposuction?

As mentioned above liposuction is not a weight lost method. Therefore, it is preferred for patients to be on their ideal weight. If any other weight problem is present besides regional at accumulation other options like diet or exercise must be tried first. Anybody that has no health issues, is not pregnant or breastfeeding can get liposuction. Patients with heart related illnesses, patients with diabetes or blood pressure illness or patients with any existing health problems that may interfere with the surgery must get checked before surgery.


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Which Areas Can Liposuction Be Done?

Liposuction is usually used on areas like weight and thigh to get rid of excess fat but can be used on any area fat accumulated.

  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Upper and middle stomach
  • Bulging waistline
  • Inner or outer arms
  • Knees
  • Ankle area
  • Jowl
  • Behind the ears

How Is Liposuction Done?

Liposuction procedure is done in sterile hospital conditions usually under general anaesthesia. Patients do not feel any pain or discomfort during surgery. First small incisions are done on areas where fat will be removed. From this incisions tissues are reached through surgical cannulas. Cannulas are attached to a device that can do suction. Thanks to negative pressure fat is removed from the body.


What is Laser Liposuction?

Modern day technology has created advancements on liposuction applications allowing the procedure to be more comfortable for the patient. One of these developments is laser liposuction. In laser liposuction fat is heated before removal, breaking down fat tissue and making it smaller. This allows fat to be easily removed from the body using cannulas.


What is Vaser Liposuction?

Vaser liposuction just like laser liposuction breaks down fat and allows it to be easily removed from the body. Vaser liposuction uses sound waves to break down water pockets between fat cells separation the cells from each other one by one therefore does not damage any blood vessels, nerves, or tissues.



What is High-Definition Vaser Liposuction?

High definition vaser liposuction, takes vaser liposuction to the next level bringing out the most aesthetic parts of the body. High definition liposuction also removes regionally accumulated fat. But along with this also allows shaping of the male or female body to bringing out the aesthetically pleasing lines and curves.




Is Liposuction Permanent?

Fat is permanently removed by liposuction from the body but can reaccumulate because of bad eating habits or immobility. After liposuction patients should have good eating habits and do light exercises daily.





Liposuction After Care

After liposuction, liposuction area can be swollen or bruised. These are normal and expected side effects of the surgery and are temporary. Approximately 1-2 weeks after the surgery bruising and swelling go away and patients can continue their daily lives. After liposuction using a garment is important. Garment can help hold the healing tissues tightly and can help shape the body as it should.






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